So I got a new job at Nutanix.

One of the dreams I had in my life was to work for a major technology company.  I would have never imagined it being a company like Nutanx, well, because they didn’t exist when I first had this dream.

Being on the job for a week has been like drinking from a fire hose.  Even with the deluge of information, I was given I will say it’s been the smoothest new employee onboarding of any company I’ve ever worked for.

Not an accurate depiction of the Nutanix nubie onboarding process but it kinda felt like it

Why would I work here?  Well, I want to change the way we do information technology.  The most dangerous phrase in business is “we’ve always done it this way”.  A company like Nutanix is the kind of place that doesn’t accept the status quo.

Think about it:  Why do we need to have long tumultuous outage windows when we could push out updates and be done in 15 minutes.  My time is valuable and it certainly is for many IT professionals out there.  Why do we need to run ESXi or Hyper-V?  There are other choices out there.  Why do we need a NAS or SAN that needs special networking hardware and is expensive to maintain? Software-defined anything is the future and many people are looking at the value of it.

Even better is working for a company that feels that it doesn’t have to knock out incumbent hypervisors or virtual desktops. We play along with those as well. AOS can run on vSphere or Hyper-V. We love Citrix for VDI if you don’t want Xi Frame.  Either way, we can provide value and get away from the mundane tasks and allow IT pros to get their weekends back.

I’m on a mission to do that. Hopefully, we can all make IT great again with Nutanix.